Lauren Archer

Future-Past MechaspaceCyborg / Handy Scientist / Fame Hermit

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Hello! My name is Lauren and I like a lot of things.

I'm a historic preservationist, heritage planner, maker, writer and friend of of Site3 (a Toronto hackerspace). I'm into melting things, DIY Bio, personal genomics, applied physics, old home sustainability, self-directed learning, maps and open data. I design and make eyewear, and I only blow up things for literature.

Here you will mostly find where I've played with data analysis and visualization, though.


Hockey Shrines Community Mapping Project

Toronto Waste Calendars

Visualize Your Twitter Archive

Visualizations of the Toronto Casino Public Feedback Data

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is @laurenarcher but I guess you can also find me on LinkedIn.

My email address is lauren(dot)r(dot)archer(at)gmail(dot)com.